About Us

Capturing a Redfish on your fly fishing lines and bringing them in is one of the most exhilarating experiences in fly fishing. Capt Blaine specializes in Redfish fly fishing and shows master anglers and new fishermen alike how to capture this red devil. Redfish are fighting fish, and they will put up a struggle all the way to the fish box. The bigger the catch, the harder the fight, and Reds can grow as large as twenty-seven inches or more. Capt Blaine can give you expert maneuvers to locate and bring these fish in.

Dubbed “The Louisiana Fly Fishing Charter Captain,” Capt Blaine brings you to the best waters and shows you the best techniques for reeling in Louisiana’s monsters.

Learn how to spot the copper backs or tails of Reds out of the water when sight casting along the marshland banks. When you watch your target Red take the bait and start the fight, you’ll see why Redfish fly fishing is a truly unique experience.