Redfish.RWD-0122-XLEnjoy a day of Redfish fishing and fly fishing in Louisiana, bringing in the largest Redfish, Black Drum and Sheepshead on the coast. Captain Blaine Townsend takes guests through the flourishing waters around Cocodrie, Louisiana, to find where the biggest trophy catches are waiting. Captain Blaine has been fishing around Cocodrie since 1975 and shows visitors to abundant waters only locals can know. You and your friends or family will enjoy an exciting day of fly fishing through the inland marsh and wetlands surrounding Cocodrie, where schools of the state’s famous fish make their homes.


spFinding your best catch, making memories and having fun is the goal of each trip. You’ll explore the beautiful Louisiana coastline and encounter some of the best fishing battles in the Gulf area. Once you board the flat boat you can get ready for a remarkable adventure and a fun, exciting and relaxing day out in the warm wetlands. Fly fishing is both exhilarating and rewarding, allowing you to find and reel in the fish you are looking for. Redfish, Sheepshead, Black Drums and each of Louisiana’s wetland fish all provide a unique fight and each has its own monsters hiding in the schools. Whether you are an expert fly fisherman, woman, or you are new to fly fishing and you would like to learn, the wetlands around Cocodrie are a great place for you. Grabbing a massive Redfish or Black Drum out of the water will add yet another adventure on a long list of fly fishing expeditions or you can start out a new love of fly fishing by bringing in a copper beauty as big as your arm!

If you are planning an extended trip to the Louisiana coast, stay at the Sportsman’s Paradise. With comfortable rooms, suites and trailers to fit any budget and accommodate groups of all sizes, the Sportsman’s Paradise is the perfect place to celebrate a successful day of fly fishing. Once you’ve enjoyed a full day on the water, settle in for outstanding dining at the restaurant and see what Deep South home cooking is all about. With fresh seafood served daily and breakfast, lunch and supper available, you can start and end a great day with a great meal. You’ll find the fish around the wetlands not only make for an amazing day on the water, but they also taste great on a plate.

Take a look at the gallery to see a few of the amazing catches made in the past, and see what you can expect during your trip. To learn more about fishing around Cocodrie, visit the blog to read about other fishing expeditions or contact Captain Blaine. Plan a weekend trip to Louisiana and schedule a day of fly fishing with your friends, family or head out for a relaxing day all to yourself. Call today to book a fly fishing charter at Cocodrie Fly Fishing.

The accommodations are called Sportsman’s Paradise, we have rooms, suites and trailers to fit any budget. The resturant is not to be outdone. Connie’s food is as good as you’ll find anywhere. The fresh seafood served daily and the local dishes are truly wonderful and unique. Connie’s seafood is world famous, fishermen that wish to eat their catch – no problem. Connie serves breakfast, lunch and supper. She’ll even pack you a lunch for the boat. Her sandwiches are awesome!